We deal with

Heat, cold, sound insulation

Shipment of insulation material

Construction supervision


Prefabrication of metal parts

Engineering and dokumentation

Asphalt Pear Insulation

We isolate

measuring and control facilities





Different sectors

Power stations

Fuel depots

Chemical plants

Steel industry

Long-distance heating pipelines

Paper industry

Environmental technology

Technical noise control

House technic

Ship isolation

Incineration plants

Heating technique

Foodstuffs industry (breweries, dairies, etc..)

Combined heat/cooling/sound absorption Kombinierte

Combined isolating systems for change temperature facilities



Engineering and constructional supervision

Computation of warmth -, cooling and acoustic insulation, construction designs for isolating systems of production plants, as well as complete isolating documentation.


Prefabrication of metal parts

Computer-controlled machines proceed the pre-fabrication of the sheet metal shrouds for most complicated shaped parts, like flattenings, elbows, domes, zeppeline or caps.


Scaffold construction

Various types of industry frameworks Verschiedene Typen von Industriegerüsten are available for all applications

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